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In addition to our comprehensive customer service, MUHU Construction Chemical leads the industry in providing technology support, management experience, and comprehensive consulting services for all concrete enterprises. Our specially tailored services can effectively solve practical problems and can also improve the market competitiveness for concrete companies.

We cooperate with many experienced senior technical and management experts, as well as professors from the China Building Material Academy and Qinghua University. Furthermore, in the past few years, MUHU Construction Chemical established a branch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At MUHU Construction Chemical, we offer:

Consultation for concrete admixture application techniques
We provide training and guidance on how to correctly choose and use concrete admixtures, and how to solve real problems during actual projects.

Concrete technology consultation
We have established a quality management system to reduce the unit product costs while still maintaining the quality of the concrete.

Consultation for general management of concrete projects
The consultation includes management of production, facilities, materials, personal training, and the entire undertaking.

Consultation for establishing stations for concrete projects
The consultation includes an allocation plan, equipment purchase, investment analysis, business strategy, and capital construction.

Our Service process includes:
1. Project analysis
We collect the basic information and business data for the enterprises, confirm collaboration intention, and discuss with the client on how to implement the consulting plan.

2. Initial project proposal
After comprehensive analysis, the initial project proposal can be created based on the customer's needs.

3. Contract discussion
After discussion, if both sides agree on the consulting plan, the contract is signed.

4. Project implementation
MUHU provides a detailed project plan and helps implement the plan by sending the project team to the customer's factory.

5. Follow-up services
MUHU extends service and support after the project is implemented.

Main Products
  • PCL Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Concrete AdmixturePCL polycarboxylate superplasticizer concrete admixture features good stability especially at low temperature. Besides, the liquid concentration of our product can be diluted from 50% to 10% and then you can directly use the diluted product as pumping admixture of mixing plant.
  • FDN Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde Condensate Concrete AdmixtureCompared with UNF-5 type, FDN naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate concrete admixture has higher water reducing rate and fewer concrete slump loss, which can efficiently increase the concrete fluidity, reduce bleeding and segregation and then improve the workability of concrete.