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As concrete admixtures, our products can be used to meet the needs of different customers for materials in professional fields, such as ready-mixed concrete, precast concrete products, underground engineering and so on. Detailed products include super plasticizer with various types, such as polycarboxylate type, naphthalene type, amino type, aliphatic type, melamine type, ultra early strengthening type, antifreezing type, pumping type, air entraining type and retarding type. Also, it contains accelerating agent, retarding agent, expanding agent, air entraining agent, foaming agent, plastic protection agent, mold release agents, curing agent and so on.

In constructional material field, we can provide a series of products, including concrete repair and reinforcement materials, waterproof materials, industrial flooring materials, filling materials, tile, bonding materials and external wall insulation materials. In detail, it contains available blocking agent, interface treatment agent, reinforcement anchorage materials, structural plastic, crack repair, repair mortar, soundless cracking agent, polypropylene fiber, JS type waterproof coating, organic silicone surface waterproofing agent, polysulfide sealant, cement-based wear-resistant flooring materials, epoxy base floor materials, cement-based high-strength non- shrink grout material, self-leveling mortar, pipeline grouting agent, ceramic tile adhesives, grouts material, surface mortar, mortar agents, masonry treasure, insulation mortar, M400 binder, etc.

For over twenty years, MUHU has earned respect as a national enterprise by combining modern manufacturing processes, advanced production equipment, and strong scientific research and technology in the development of our concrete admixture products. In fact, our polycarboxylate superplasticizer was awarded as a Beijing High and New Technology Achievement Transfer Project in 2003, and our company also received ISO9001 Quality System Certification in 2004. With modern equipment and scientific management, our valued customers can feel secure in using our products. Technical services are also available.

We maintain four production bases in China, including two in Beijing. The layout of our production process enables us to manufacture our naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate concrete admixture, high range water reducing admixture, and other products in large quantities. For example, MUHU's production center has a liquid production line with a concentration of 50 percent and a powder production line that produces 10,000 tons of polycarboxylateproduction annually. We also have a naphthalene production line of 20,000 tons, a melamine series production line of 5,000 tons, and a fully automatic dry mixed mortar production line of 20,000 tons annually. What's more, we have become the largest manufacturer of amino sulfonate superplasticizer in China, with a sulphamate series production line of 10,000 tons annually.

MUHU continues to grow rapidly. We established Hefangkou MUHU Industrial Park in 2004, Beijing MUHU Constructional Material Selling Company Ltd. in 2008, and a MUHU Company office in Dubai in 2009. With our advantageous geographic locations, our concrete admixture products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and Latin America, specifically Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Kenya, Morocco, Djibouti, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and other places around the globe.