Melamine Sulphonate Formaldehyde Condensate Concrete Admixture, SM Type

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Melamine Sulphonate Formaldehyde Condensate Concrete Admixture, SM Type

SM type melamine sulphonate formaldehyde condensate concrete admixture is superplasticizer, composed of modified melamine-formaldehyde resin series. It can be applicable to commercial concrete, pumping concrete, flowing concrete, high-performance concrete, no-vibration and self-compacting concrete, refractory concrete, steam-cured concrete, bare concrete, decorative concrete, colored concrete, high strength mortar, plaster and so on.

In addition, our product succeeds to wide application of well cementing engineering in Daqing Oilfield as efficient dispersing agent. Also, it helps produce grouting material based on casting equipment, self-leveling floor material, structural waterproof material with UEA or other material. When used in solution, our product can benefit winter construction due to no precipitation at low temperature. It conforms to the requirements of chemical admixture specifications for concrete: ASTM C 494, Type F.

Our melamine sulphonate formaldehyde condensate concrete admixture is no-toxic, no-corrosion and non-combustible, featuring no-air-entraining, low alkali, effective control of bleeding and strengthening of concrete, and especially reduced shrinkage of concrete, etc. Furthermore, it provides the advantages of high water reducing rate over 20%, no retarding, significant enhancement, low content of sodium sulfate, low chloride content, strong adaptability to calcium aluminate cement, cementing material and other admixture.

Besides, it could improve the viscosity of gypsum slurry, enhancing the brightness, durability and abrasive resistance of the surface of gypsum products. Our product can also improve hardness and smoothness of floor surface without any crack, and has key effect on color durability. Due to strong early strengthening, it helps increase concrete strength by 40~100%, 30%~70%, 30%~60% on day 1, 7 and 28 respectively.

Items Specification
Appearance White powder
Na2SO4 (%) ≤ 3.0~4.0
Chloride, Cl - (%) ≤ 0.3~0.4
PH value 7~9
Fluidity of cement paste (mm) ≥ 220
Moisture (%) < 4

Dosage and Uses
1. General dosage ranges from 0.4% to 1.2% of the weight of cementing material, while recommended dosage is 0.5%.
2. Powder product should be added with cement or mixing water to the mixer rather than wet surface of sand or stone directly. Proper extra mixing time should be given for full dispersion. It should be totally dissolved and adequately stirred after being made into solution. Abundant tests are required to determine a suitable dosage before using

Our product is packed in paper bag with plastic liner with each bag weighing 20±0.13 kg.

As a China melamine sulphonate formaldehyde condensate concrete admixture manufacturer and supplier, we also provide concrete mould release agent, hotcrete accelerator, non-dispersible underwater concrete, and more.

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