Concrete Surface Treatment Agent, MNC-302 Type

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Concrete Surface Treatment Agent, MNC-302 Type

MNC-302 type concrete surface treatment agent is composed of bicomponent emulsion based on emulsified epoxy. It features good solubility, antisepsis, water resistance, humidity resistance and excellent freeze-thaw resistance, easy to operate, non-toxic and odorless.

1. Concrete surface treatment agent is applicable to the binding of new or old concrete for construction joints, beam column reinforcement, reconstruction of old basis and so on, which can increase the adhesion of cement mortar to grass roots.
2. Also, it can be used to scrape putty on the internal and external wall, treat and repair interface of concrete non-structural part and concrete base plaster, repair the surface of steel bars and concrete, firmly bond with polyurethane coating and facing brick and so on even under wet environment.
3. Besides, smooth base plaster applied to our product can replace such process as alkaline cleaning and degreasing, artificial chiseling and so on in order to increase the bonding force of more than 10 times higher.
4. Concrete surface treatment agent can be used as high-adhesion mortar to directly pave large brick panels and paste the new face brick on the old one.

Dosage and Packaging
Gel consumption of concrete surface treatment agent amounts to 200-250g/m2 or 4-5 m2/kg. Each team of our product weighs 6 kg.

As a specialized concrete surface treatment agent manufacturer in China, our company offers a vast range of products, including melamine sulphonate formaldehyde condensate concrete admixture, concrete repair mortar, concrete mold release agents, among others.

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