Color Concrete Tile Brightening Agent, MNC-CZ Type

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Color Concrete Tile Brightening Agent, MNC-CZ Type

MNC-CZ type color concrete tile brightening agent is used in colorized pavement tiles. It keeps color surface excellent color retention, colorful, smooth and glossy, etc. Also, it can largely improve early strength and late strength of the floor tiles, increase surface finish and decorative property, inhibit the products back to frost and delay the products fade. Besides, color concrete tile brightening agent can significantly improve the wear resistance, compressive strength, flexural strength, impermeability, durability, and enhance the ability of freeze-thaw resistance.

Color concrete tile brightening agent conserved in a cool and dry place can release mold by 72 hours, while under the dark condition inside, it can be conserved by 7 days and then moved to outdoor area. In this period, our product can not be maintained by watering.

Storage and Transportation
Color concrete tile brightening agent is non-toxic, odorless, no ignitable with no erosion and harm, thus it can be stored and transported as non-dangerous product.

Properties and Technical Data Sheet
Items Specification
Visual Appearance Colorless transparent or pale yellow liquid
Addition Rate (%) 3~5
PH Value 7~9
Density (20 ℃) g/cm3 1.23 ~ 1.27
Solid Content (%) ≥4 0 ±1
Water Reducing Rate (%) 15~20
Compressive Strength Ratio (%) 1day ≥130
3day ≥125
28day ≥115

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