Concrete Curing Compound Agent, MNC-Y Type

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Concrete Curing Compound Agent, MNC-Y Type

MNC-Y type concrete curing compound agent is a liquid film type concrete curing agent, composed of aqueous polymer emulsion. It features friendly to environment, low volatilization, film forming capacity, good permeability, milky transparent coating and no influence on concrete color or appearance. Also, our product can efficiently reduce chap resulted from plastic shrinkage, and significantly improve early strengthening and shorten the construction period.

Concrete curing compound agent can be applicable to curing of flat, facade, complex structures, wear-proof aggregate floor of new construction, and large areas of exposed concrete surface that is newly poured, such as highway, parking apron, retaining wall, precast beam, piers and so on.

Concrete curing compound agent may be used to cover 4 to 6 square meters per kilogram by spraying or coating, depending on the requirements of construction and concrete surface conditions.

How to use
1. Concrete curing compound agent should be used at room temperature of above 6℃ for construction.
2. It can be diluted by 5% to 10% of water for use according to the construction needs, and it can also be used at once by opening the bucket.
3. After concrete mould release or the initial setting of newly cast concrete, you should spray an even film on concrete curing compound agent with spray equipment, or spread coating with brush and roller,

Concrete curing compound agent is packed in 50 kg per barrel.

MUHU is a specialized concrete curing compound agent manufacturer in China. We provide a wide array of products, including color concrete tile brightening agent, concrete surface treatment agent, polycarboxylate superplasticizer concrete admixture, among others.

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