Non-Dispersible Underwater Concrete, MNC-UWB Type

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Non-Dispersible Underwater Concrete, MNC-UWB Type

MNC-UWB type non-dispersible underwater concrete, as powder product, provides ordinary concrete with superior resistance to dispersion, appropriate fluidity and satisfying construction performance. Thus, it has fundamentally solved the contradiction among non-dispersible underwater performance, construction performance and mechanical properties, and also achieved self-leveling and self-compacting underwater without underwater vibrating. Besides, it features no segregation, small cement loss and no pollution to environment.

Compared with conventional underwater concrete, non-dispersible underwater concrete greatly simplifies the construction process, gradually makes land of concrete underwater construction and reduces construction risk to a large extent. Also, this product can be used for special structure underwater such as thin wall, narrow structure, special shape and so on which can not be achieved in the past.

To meet the requirements of different construction performance of underwater engineering, non-dispersible underwater concrete with 15 to 40 carbon atoms can be produced. Due to its good matching with other admixture, our product mixed with air-entraining agent can be used as D300 type freeze-thaw resistance of concrete. Also, it is applicable to drinking water with no harm inspected by hygiene department, and it has no corrosion to steel bars and no pollution to construction waters.

Besides, non-dispersible underwater concrete can be used for bottom sealing of caisson, cofferdam, caisson, riprap grouting, underwater continuous wall casting, making level or filling on basis of underwater, RC board, large-diameter pile, wharf, large dam, reservoirs repair, reinforcing base plate with resistance to drain water impact, underwater bearing platform, revetment of sea wall, slope protection, sealing pile plugging and underwater engineering which is difficult for construction using ordinary concrete.

Non-dispersible underwater powder concrete mixed with cement and sandstone into forced mixer at the same time is preferable with the dosage of 1.0% to 3.0% of the total amount.

Use Method and Packaging
1. Non-dispersible underwater concrete preferred 525 type ordinary Portland cement to 425 type one.
2. The amount of cement concrete in the underwater gap generally should not be less than 380kg/m3.
3. The pumping performance of underwater concrete mixed with admixture such as slag or fly ash can be significantly improved.
4. It is advisable to adopt medium sand with recommended sand percentage of 38% to 43% with stone gradation of 5 to 25mm and maximum particle diameter of less than 40mm.
5. Forced mixer is used for our product with stirring time of 3 minutes. If you adopt free-fall mixer, its stirring time is 6 minutes.
6. Setting time of our product delays with the increasing dosage and it can be used with coagulator in need.
7. In principle, construction environment demands for hydrostatic state with less than 0.5m of concrete drop.
8. Each bag of non-dispersible underwater concrete weighs 25kg.

Our company is a major non-dispersible underwater concrete manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide organic silicone waterproof agent for construction surface, color concrete tile brightening agent, high strength non-shrink grout, and more.

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