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Polysulfide Sealant

Polysulfide sealant, used at the temperature of -40 to 110℃ with normal life up to 20 years, is amorphous material before solidifying, while it forms high elasticity of colloidal after solidifying. It features good construction performance, excellent water resistance, oil proof and chemical resistance. Besides, our product can be solidified at room temperature in control of speed of solidifying with no corrosion to building materials.

Polysulfide sealant has superior adhesion to most metal and nonmetal construction materials, such as metals, concrete, glass, ceramic, wood material, stone material, plastic and so on. It is also applicable to different fabricated construction panels, metal composite panels, profiled steel sheet, external concrete wall, brickwork, floor, porch, water reservoir, retaining wall, barn, drainage pipeline, subway and underground structures, roads, bridges, airport runway and so on for crack repair. Besides, polysulfide sealant can provide treatment of coating waterproofing and corrosion proofing, vibration-reduction, noise-isolation and reinforcement, etc.

Dosage and Packing
Dosage of polysulfide sealant changes with the actual requirements of engineering, and it is packed in 5.5 kg per team.

Physical Property
No. Item Specification
20HM 25LM 20LM
1 Density (g/cm 3) Required value+/-0.1
2 Fluidity Slump Rate ( N type).mm ≤ 3
Leveling (L type) Smooth and level
3 Surface drying time (h) ≤ 24
4 Applicable time (h) ≥ 2
5 Elastic recovery rate (%) ≥ 70
6 Tensile modulus (MPa) 23degrees centigrate temperature >0.4 or> 0.6 ≥ 0.4 and ≤ 0.6
under 20 degrees centigrate temperature
7 No effect
8 Adhesion/cohesion properties at maintained extension after immersion in water No effect
9 Adhesion/cohesion properties at variable temperature No effect
10 Change in mass (%) ≤ 5

As an experienced polysulfide sealant manufacturer based in China, we also supply underground construction concrete admixture, color concrete tile brightening agent, non-shrink high strength grouting, concrete fiber, and much more.

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