Concrete Air Entraining Admixture, MNC-AE2 Type

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Concrete Air Entraining Admixture, MNC-AE2 Type

MNC-AE2 type concrete air entraining admixture is non-ionic surfactant, which is mainly composed of natural triterpenoid saponins. It can be made for concrete projects which are required to improve plastic property of concrete and concrete workability, as well as help reduce segregation and bleeding. Also, it is applicable to concrete projects in demand for high frost resistance and durability in dams, senior highway, thermal power plant, cooling tower, pools, hydraulic project and harbor works, etc. Concrete air entraining admixture is generally used for pumping concrete, air-entraining water reducing agent, anti-freezing agent, building mortar and lightweight foamed concrete, etc.

Our concrete air entraining admixture features air-entraining, low dosage, uniform bubble distribution, stable foam effect and extremely strong water solubility. It helps improve concrete water reducing rate and reduce slump loss, bleeding and segregation. With good water holding capacity and good retarding effect, it can efficiently decrease friction and increase fluidity. By reducing thermal diffusivity and conductivity of concrete, concrete air entraining admixture can improve concrete volume stability, increase weather resistance of field structure and extend life of road concrete. Besides, it helps improve concrete frost resistance, saline resistance, impermeability, resistance to sulfate attack and alkali aggregate reaction performance.

Physical-chemical characteristics at 20 degree C
Items Specification
Appearance Light yellow powder
Viscosity ( Pa·s ) 0.18- 0.32
Specific Gravity, g/cm3 1.05-1.10
PH value 7.0- 9.0
Air Content (%) 3
Surface Tension (mN/m) 33.18

Usage and Dosage
1. Testing or prior experience with the job materials and job equipment is necessary to determine the proper dosage and minimum mixing time.
2. It can be applied for concrete and mortar with the recommended addition rate of 0.005- 0.015%.

With each bag weighing 10 kg, concrete air entraining admixture is packed in woven bag lined with plastic.

We are a specialized concrete air entraining admixture manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide color concrete tile brightening agent, concrete mold release agents, polycarboxylate superplasticizer concrete admixture, and more.

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