High Range Pumping Water Reducing Admixture, MNC-P2 Type

High Range Pumping Water Reducing Admixture, MNC-P2 Type

MNC-P2 type high range pumping water reducing admixture is a new tan powder additive that consists of principal naphthalene-based superplasticizer, some retarding component and air-entraining component. It is applicable to commercial concrete, big flowing concrete, mass concrete and pumping concrete mixed on-site.

Our high range pumping water reducing admixture is an ideal material to produce high-quality pumping concrete with less than 80 carbon atoms. It features stable chemical properties, good safety performance, non-toxic, odorless, noncombustible, non-crystallization in winter, above 22% of water reducing rate, early strengthening function, good durability, small concrete shrinkage and good adaptability to various cement especially mixed with superfine mineral admixture. Besides, it controls premature hydration effectively and has distinct retarding effect on initial set by 10 hours or according to customer's requirement for appropriate adjustment. With small loss in 2 hours and certain air content, our product can efficiently improve concrete flexural strength, elastic modulus of concrete, waterproof and impermeability.

Recommended Mix Design
Concrete Strength Grade Concrete Mixing Rate (kg/m3) Compressive Strength (Mpa)
Cement (42.5) Gravel Sand Pumping Aid Fly Ash Water 3day 7day 28 day
C10 150 830 1130 4.0 120 170 9.1 13.1 19.2
C15 170 830 1140 5.0 110 170 10.5 15.3 24.8
C20 230 790 1100 6.0 100 165 12.2 17.7 29.6
C25 250 780 1100 7.0 100 165 16.7 23.8 37.5
C30 280 740 1100 10.0 100 165 21.0 21.5 42.0
C35 320 720 1100 10.5 100 165 24.0 37.4 52.2
C40 350 720 1068 11.0 95 165 27.0 37.1 54.3
C45 380 720 1045 12.0 90 165 29.0 38.2 56.8

Note: Above mix design is for reference only. Please contact MUHU technical engineers when concrete strength grade above C50 is required so as to optimize the design.

Powder dosage amounts to 0.7% to 1.5% of the amount of cement, while common dosage is 1.0% of the amount of cement.

Uses and Packing
1. Dry powder product can be applicable to concrete directly or after being diluted to solution of different concentrations.
2. When used with expansion agent, our product requires an extra 30-second agitation.
3. Powder product adopts woven bag with plastic liner, and net weight of each bag is 25 kg.

Our company is an experienced high range pumping water reducing admixture manufacturer, based in China. We offer a wide range of products, including melamine sulphonate formaldehyde condensate concrete admixture, concrete air entraining admixture, water reducer / plasticizer, and much more.

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